Dr. NAC’s ESYA programme is based on the Indian Philosophy. It is spiritual but not religious. The combination of Yoga (the way of life) and Ayurveda (the science of life) makes a person achieve the3 Ps. (Protect – Preserve - Prolong) with which one could achieve the Perfect harmony in Microcosm (individual) and the fulfillment in Macrocosm (Corporate Body)


Lifestyle change for leaders which is an experience and not a training, Program is aimed at person orientation than role orientation leading to connecting with self. Multiple intelligence method, inter- disciplinary dimension approach (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Experience yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation from the Guru!


The program covers Philosophy, Ayurveda, Human Resource Development and Personality Enhancement. Learn the importance of Mediation and its practical approach in coordination of Body and Mind. Understand health, creation, Psychological and Physiological impacts on our system. Experience Detoxification. Foster creativity and emotional intelligence filled with a lot of dun and learning!!

People     Global Learners

  • From visiting various medical institutions including Stanford and UCSF to engaging in hands on Innovative learning workshops by the top-notch Professors, the program exceeded my academic expectations

    Stanford Medical Innovations Program
  • The personalized care I received right from the beginning to the end of the program was phenomenal. Each one of the interactions with the experts at the University was thought provoking, I thoroughly enjoyed

    Stanford Medical Innovations Program
  • This was such Success !The Clinics were profoundly beyond our expectations & extremely organised. Under supervision of physicians it gives a safe and real taste of medicine. The Journey of this trip has been Incredible..

    Gavin Ajmi
    Medical Student, University of Florida – SEHPL’s Anubhav
  • The Staff were interactive, Visit to varying levels of hospitals & healthcare setups & Interactive session has facilitated my learning. Thanks for hosting

    Mr. Nicholas Holmes
    Internal Auditor, Envision Healthcare; Executive MBA Student, University of Colorado - SEHPL’s Anubhav
  • Interaction with Medical Immunisation Chief Officer & Distict Immunsation officer was very useful & informative

    Ferenc Puskas, MD, PhD - Associate Professor
    Anaesthesiology & Medical Director, University of Colorado Department of Anaesthesiology – SEHPL’s Anubhav


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