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About Us

Global Perspectives and Lifelong Learning are our guiding principle
Our approach is to Learn Globally and Implement Locally

  • Philosophy

    Global Learners was formulated with a vision to provide a platform of choice for students and colleges wanting to explore global best practices that is not confined to geographic boundaries. We believe learning is not confined to classrooms and it is when students co-learn outside classrooms, they are able to explore their intellectual and creative best.

  • Approach

    We have formed alliances with leading international and national institutions of repute. Through such alliances, we bring our students the unique and rare opportunity to participate in Global Learning programs where the students can be a part of a rigorous yet fun learning experience in the institution of their choice.

  • Methodology

    Students, witness global learning in a competitive environment and the best in class sessions, seminars and workshops organized by top notch academicians and subject matter experts. The students get an opportunity to interact and network with students and faculty of participating colleges over several formal and informal sessions,

  • Advantage

    These experiences enable learners to draw insights from fellow students as well as discuss and exchange ideas related to their field of study.It equips students with knowledge of international best practices and advancements which they can apply locally in their home community. Break the barriers in knowledge transfer and innovation and make the world a global learners playground.

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